To start creating a blog only requires three steps. In this case I will make use of the program that is free from google blogspot. With the search on google search engine and enter the keyword bloggers will arise several options, or click here. Diseting can to ease the language on the left top corner. Then select for your blog now. To make the speed e-mail before making a blog with a Gmail account which is the e-mail from google sehimgga will become your google account. If you already have Gmail, enter a password that is easy to remember. My suggestion is to write the password. Fill in all the required form in the first step and go to the press and the left bottom corner.

For the second step, you give the blog title and blog address or commonly called the domain name. Enter the verification letter on the appropriate image. Then continue kelangkah three.

Step three is to choose a template or also called layout. Choose as you wish. Then click and select start-up blog or start blogging.
Salam blogger.