Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Enlarge Breasts Naturally

1. Massaging the breast
Do this regularly, as often as possible in a day, at least
15 minutes a day. Breast massage can facilitate the circulation of
the breast and stimulates prolactin, which will enlarge the breasts. Massage routine if we are diligent, it can increase the size of
up to 2-3 cm per week. Imagine a 3 cm per week only,
how much increase in size we can get it in a month or two
Breast massage is very crucial. It is legitimate if you currently
're using creams or pills breast enlarger. But without
breast massage, just a lie! Because massage is a
actually make the magic happen. Do massage on a regular basis.

2. Nutritious plants (phytoestrogens)
Plants that merit can increase breast size up
50% is fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) or in the name
Another Methi or Helba / Hulbah. If the West does, fenugreek and
supplements at any health food stores in capsule form
supplement-good cholesterol-lowering capsules or capsules hair fertilizer.

Fenugreek comes from the Middle East and the good news, he circulated
in Indonesia in goods stores typical Arab / Muslim. Next time you
find fenugreek in Arab stores, ask "there Hulba, no?". Designation
fenugreek is hulba or Helba. Try to obtain fenugreek
powder, so stay diencerin water and then smeared into the breast. That said, the
Middle Eastern harem before consuming fenugreek seeds for
increase breast size.

Besides fenugreek plants that can be used is the root of dong quai,
wild yam, red clover, fennel, and saw palmetto. Saw palmetto circulating
Indonesia in various supplements, but the price is still expensive
because imported from his native habitat, Florida. Not to mention for the
Muslims, not guaranteed halal because gelatin is used to
gelatin capsules of saw palmetto can of pork. Saw palmetto
functioning of masculine hormones that suppress the feminine hormones can
work and increase breast size.

There are other plants that can be used for us that in Indonesia,
the fruit of fennel (fennel), katuk leaf and dandelion root.
Fennel has efficacy as effective as fenugreek. Wrong
Fennel in the work is to enable cells to enlarge breasts
estrogen receptor and rid it of toxic substances such as
xenoestrogen (to be explained later). Dandellion roots also have
working together with the fennel.

But the ability to increase the size of these seemingly possessed
all plant source of phytoestrogens. Soy and celery are among
a great source of phytoestrogens. But soy is not proven to be
enlarge breasts. We are consumers of Indonesia tempe
largest. But is there we meet Indonesian women
big tits as much to eat tofu or tempeh?

3. The Secret
Maybe we are already familiar with the phenomenal book Rhonda Byrne, "The
Secret ". Thoughts turned out to have a big hand in enlarging the breast. In a study by Dr. Susan Love like in the book
"Susan Love's Breast Book", some of the women were told to remain silent
for a few minutes and imagine the breast shape
they want at the same time they must believe that they can
breast shape up. This was done continuously every
day for several months. It turns out 12 weeks later, 50%
Participants had to replace a new bra for size 'milik'nya increases

4. Stay away from caffeine
Avoid caffeine (coffee, cola, soda) because caffeine can inhibit the process of
breast enlargement. Caffeine speeds up metabolism, thus
nutrients necessary for breast enlargement it will quickly
converted into energy. All therapies breasts enlarged
"Forbidden" caffeine. So, never ever touch caffeine if you want the
breast enlargement works!!!!!!!!

5. Do not be too thin!!!
Breasts are made up of fat. Therefore, we must have enough
fat in the body so that we can be big breast / enlarged. Then it
no wonder that some obese women who lose weight
crazy, breasts, too degenerate, not tight like
to normal.

When your body is too thin, then get ready for enlargement
breast may be much longer, or even if it can not be done
you too Bolang alias body bone. Maintain ideal body weight remained
or at least, do not skinny-skinny really. To determine the weight
our bodies are ideal or not, can be measured by Body Mass formula
Index (BMI).

6. Eat plenty of protein and less sugar / sweets.
This is because protein is a substance builders, including builders
cells and breast tissue. If you like the sweet tooth
or high sugar, this should be reduced due to the consumption of sugar
Excess insulin will make higher. Work insulin
High testosterone production resulting in higher also,
thus hampering the performance of estrogen and prolactin. In short, it can be
inhibit breast enlargement. I bet this is something you'll never
wish for.

7. Lifting lightweight goods
Once there was a study in several U.S. states regarding
influence of working hours waiter (waitress) at a magnification
breast. Apparently, the waiter who works in a lot more hours
increase breast size more, ie up to 3.5
cup in 3 month. This is related to the muscles around the
arms and chest were so "up" for active use for
carry a tray of food orders. Breast is composed
from fat. But under the chest muscle fat is to
trained, enlarged, and "stepped up" so that the breast
itself will rise.

The research is still in the experimental study because the number of objects that
relatively few. But no harm in trying, right? You do not need to
so the waiter bother. Quite lightweight carry-on items of mutual
home for 15 minutes per day. Or if your child
school / college, you can do with carry-mutual
your backpack. Another exercise you can do is swimming.
Lifting weights is also believed to increase the muscles in
under the breast. But this should not be done in
long-term or excessive intensity due to
cause permanent muscle injury (source:

8. Not wearing a bra during sleep
This is so that the circulation to the breast remains smooth. Circulation to
usually lasts optimal breast during sleep, so the
open bra when it "must" be done. But must let loose bra only
when the body is in a state of horizontal (lying down). Do not
get used to no-bra everyday because in addition to not ethical, making
fatty breasts attracted by Earth's gravity to occur sagging breasts,

9. Enough Sleep
Trivial but important. Growth hormone, including those for
breast, naturally produced during deep sleep more optimum
at least 8 hours per day. When we sleep less than 8 hours per day,
then we would have growth hormone "miserable".

10. Beware Xenoestrogen
Do not eat hot food in plastic!!! You may not
be surprised if this is related to breast augmentation.
The plastic is heated, the polymer will break down into its constituent
monomers and other chemical derivatives that are toxic to
body (even inviting cancer). One of the chemicals that instance
is xenoestrogen. Xenoestrogen is "false estrogen" because he
has a chemical structure resembles estrogen, so it can
tricking the body by occupying the estrogen receptor cells in the body.
After that, xenoestrogen will send signals toxin
disrupt the body's metabolism, including inhibition
breast development.

Xenoestrogen sources: the food was heated with
plastic, hot food in plastic, hair dyes.

11. Posture
In order to look big breasts, your posture should be upright. Do not
habit of bad posture as likely bent
because in addition to not good for the bones, also made the breast
quickly dropped.salam blogger.

Provide Scholarship Information

salam blogger.
STELLA Prancisca SPd MPD, Director of Amcor Untan, say for people who are not interested in a formal atmosphere, Amcor provide class movie screening program. The program was filled with English-language movies for 40 minutes, followed by a discussion in English led by Americans.

Then there is also a Meet the Expert program. Programs that means, if there is an American visit to Pontianak, then he will be invited to Amcor. "At Amcor, we create a program in which the American people were told about lifestyle, top universities, abroad scholarship information and other things that are useful," he explained.

In addition, there is also a development program for teachers related to the method of learning by conducting a 14-week workshop that guided the Americans and later will receive a certificate from the U.S. Ambassy as cooperation partners.

Not only that, Amcor also provides a presentation program. Examples AMINEF scholarship information, IIEF. Then Ask an American Hour program is a program in consultation with Native
Speakers from the United States, Competition or programs designed by Amcor to develop English language skills through competitions, Cultural Programs or activities related to American culture. For example, International Literacy Day, International Youth Day, Thanksgiving, Women History Month and Earth Day.

"There is also the American Goes to School program is the program that contributed to the development of English language in schools," he explained.

Stella hopes, where Amcor can give confidence to the people of West Kalimantan to be able to continue their education abroad through scholarships.

Author: Saiful Bahri
Editor: Jamadin
Sources: Tribun Pontianak

New Student Untan Follow PMB

total of more than 5,000 new students Tanjungpura University Pontianak (Untan) filled the Rectorate to attend the opening ceremony Welcoming New Students (PMB), Monday (03/09/2012).

As the agenda agreed upon by the university PMB activities undertaken during the 3-day begins at 7:00 am in the morning until 17:30 pm in the afternoon. PMB all his activity was centered in each faculty.

the ceremony Untan Rector, Prof. Dr. Usman Thamrin DEA will provide a welcome reception for New Students (PMB) and the Opening Lectures Academic Year 2012/2013 and the installation of jackets alma mater to new students next release of balloons.

At the ceremony will also be handed the book "Ways of Learning College Success" book by Prof. Dr. H. Husna Uray Asmara, M. Pd, will be distributed to all new students.

Author: Isfiansyah
Editor: Bowo
Sources: Tribun Pontianak
salam blogger.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

20 BEM Forum Declares a Kalbar

PONTIANAK, BeritAnda - No fewer than 20 BEM from 6 districts / cities, Sunday (15/07/2012), hold events Forum Declaration of Student Executive Board (BEM) as Kalimantan, on Monument Circle Bamboo Runcing Tanjungpura University (Untan) -Pontianak. Activities initiated by the BEM Untan, preceded by a Panel Discussion on Building Auditorium Untan Pontianak. President of Student Untan Pontianak Abdul Jabbar (Committee) said that today only limited activity declaration BEM forum as Kalimantan. "But we did not stop here, we will establish an institutionalized forum, which means there will be Mubes, meeting work-work meetings and work programs. Jabar said that the ultimate goal is that it wanted to secure the permanent mission of the student movement in West Kalimantan. "We found the root of the problems in West Kalimantan is the implementation of clean bureaucracy or corruption," he said. In addition, he said, the issue of leadership must also be criticized. "We plan to hold a gubernatorial candidate debate accessible to students," he said. Into 6 districts / cities that were present include Pontianak, Singkawang, Sambas, Sintang, Kapuas Hulu and Ketapang.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Now UNTAN Accept Student Pass Online Also.

University of Tanjungpura ( Untan) start to accept registration for the Selection Of National Enter College Of Country ( SNMPTN) at 10-31 May 2012, Is same as previous year, pendafraran will be done/conducted by online
A number of class student of III SMA confess not yet known how system registration of SNMPTN, including do not understand what such with system of online
Rector of Untan, Thamrin Usman, laying open, Untan will provide aid posko to student candidate which not yet understood to regarding/ hit system registration of online
" Posko will be placed by in office of BAAK Elementary Untan Floor, as well as with installing containing banner of registration guidance," word of Thamrin contacted by Tribunpontianak.Co.Id, Tuesday ( 8/5/2012 )
Rector explain, student candidate also can access directly of internet by opening related/relevant website. Registration procedures completely can be seen by at situs
Whereas procedures admission filling of form registration of test written and skill earn diunduh ( download) of address of
Writer : Wahyuni Ariza

Sunday, October 10, 2010


UNTAN - Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Pengatahuan Tanjungpura University (Natural Sciences-Untan) Pontianak, Dr. Thamrin Usman, who is also the Chairman of the Committee for preparation of draft regulation Classification

Water Quality of Rivers in West Kalimantan said based on the findings while there are several points along the Kapuas River is so polluted by harmful chemicals.

To menindaklajuti findings, he was with the team preparing the draft regulations will do in the Kapuas river water classification into four classes namely class I, II, III and IV. The focus of the research team for the first step will be done along the Kapuas River.

"We will carefully whether the Kapuas River water are classified Class I, II, III or IV class," he said.

If the Kapuas River is still classified as grade I entered the Kapuas River water is still feasible to be used as raw material for water taps. But if water has entered the Kapuas River classification class II to class IV then, Kapuas water is not fit for use as raw material for the taps. "Water has entered the Kapuas classification class II to class IV, let alone to PDAM raw materials, used for the pool or fishing and agriculture alone is not permitted," he said.

To classify water Kapuas, the team will use several parameters such as substance mercury, volutan level, turbidity and the level of biological contamination. If water has entered the Kapuas II-class classification, the taps must be prepared to change their raw materials. Because if still using the Kapuas water will be very dangerous for health.

During this time, water utilities that use raw materials Kapuas water with very low operational cost of Rp 10 per cubic meter. These costs could have increased operating costs by five times, if the taps changing their raw materials by buying water or take water mountains.

According to Thamrin, the operational costs to increase when water is not too Kapuas is not fit for use as raw materials. PDAM to improve water filtration technology Kapuas before sale to consumers.

"For that, we ask taps immediately prepared a new technology such as digital protection or prophylactic filter harmful chemicals that are soluble in water Kapuas," he begged.

Determination of the Kapuas river water class classification, according to Thamrin no

can be done by examining some point. For no one can say that one point of the Kapuas river water contaminated by the overall water will be polluted Kapuas. "Therefore, we will carefully as a whole along the Kapuas river," he said.

Thamrin disclosed, the initial step that will be the team that inventoried the interim analysis data that already exist in several districts. The data will be studied, corrected, is it true some point mentioned the Kapuas river had actually been contaminated. The team will check into the field and will be concluded into the class how many of each point. When you enter the class II, the team will coordinate with nearby users, especially PDAM and local communities to discuss solutions that must be done together in anticipation of river water pollution.

"We will ask the local district taps where water had entered the class II, if the taps are ready to replace the raw material water. If not ready, the taps must promptly update the appropriate technology to intercept or filter out harmful substances, "he said. In addition, the discovery team will be a recommendation to the government in making policies to reduce water pollution Kapuas River.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1000 and 100 for my son for me.

The general development of the son of the age children may not be a problem now. However, in the heart hole tumbul concerns. In fact he may not understand how the value of the currency, because of age is also a new turn 3 years old. Akan but children as well as other people, he mengeerti will kegunnaan of money. And I also have been aware of without inculcate the sense that the one and only son.
My selalul gave him a coin and teach that save money.Money can buy what you want. Of course, in a significant value. This incident occurred many times, kupergoki because he ran out of the house with berlarli the stalls. My ditangannya found a coin with a value of 100 silver currency. Ask me if it was always said to buy a cake. I explain that if the money does not have enough hands ditelapak to buy cakes. And again I saw that face denotes sadness. That means he can blame his father and being a cry in his heart that is still small and still quite clean "my father is good given the money and my father is good to give money that can not be used because I want to buy a cake."
Kuganti money in small gengaman the rupiah in 1000 with money. And that continues to recur. However, that my face and a heart that is still small glow again. Either good or bad that kulakukan. I want to give something to the best heart that is still quite a small net.